back to uni means…

I am back to uni this week  – explaining the recent drought in posts! Hopefully my old system of posting once a week will zoo be up and running again. In the meantime, here’s some of the other things I’ll be getting back to: 1. filing. I am a bit compulsive when it comes to […]


1. I’ve been to the cinema a whole lot, for things like Les Miserables, The Intouchables, and Skyfall. 2. I found pretty things in unlikely places. 3. I left clutter all over my desk, including a glimpse of a super-big, exciting new project! 4. I’ve discovered that embroidery is heaps of fun for not too […]

In One Day.

I had my first day off since the end of exams last Friday and I set out to fit as much into it as I could. It worked, too: I made… 1. changes to my walls. 2. a secret addition to a recipe. 3. a scarf into a headband. 4. I didn’t make this! Outside, […]


                      A whole lot happened since before I signed off for my exam season. Here are a few of them: 1 and 2. Baking up a storm for a special birthday cake. 3. Getting to grips with MT tape. 4. We grew our own lemons! […]

Early Spring.

                  These past few weeks, I’ve been: 1. Learning new board games with friends. 2. Perfecting my Mum’s Lemon Delicious recipe. 3. Tidying my space, finding all the little things you forget about between one spring clean and the next. 4. Assuming cake bought for charity has […]

Strawberry jam.

Strawberries were just $10 for SEVEN PUNNETS so we bought a batch and made jam with the recipe on the back of the sugar bag. Here’s what it looked like: Apart from that, recently I’ve been really into: live performances, the Crowded House and Stevie Wonder music Dad brought home, Vintage Children’s Classics cover designs, […]

The Big Big Cake.

NB. A tsp is a teaspoon, a tbsp is a tablespoon. The cups used here are Commonwealth metric, i.e. 250 mL. For those like me who cut down the amount of unnecessary butter and sugar in recipes, I’ve already done so with this one so don’t cut it down any further! The ricotta and honey […]