1. I’ve been to the cinema a whole lot, for things like Les Miserables, The Intouchables, and Skyfall. 2. I found pretty things in unlikely places. 3. I left clutter all over my desk, including a glimpse of a super-big, exciting new project! 4. I’ve discovered that embroidery is heaps of fun for not too […]

Bits and pieces.

I take a lot of photos. Often these are going to fit under a theme I’m on the lookout for, but most of the time I’m photographing them because they catch my eye. Here are some recent shots that haven’t fitted anywhere in particular… 1. a doodle on a window. 2. I love making to-do […]

In One Day.

I had my first day off since the end of exams last Friday and I set out to fit as much into it as I could. It worked, too: I made… 1. changes to my walls. 2. a secret addition to a recipe. 3. a scarf into a headband. 4. I didn’t make this! Outside, […]