Next weekend I’m going to the wedding of a couple I literally do not know anything about, aside from the fact that they work in high fashion. Because my usual wardrobe is made up of a) a “preppy student” look and b) very few items over $40, I need a new dress! I’ve ordered this one as a standby while I decide whether I can afford one of these…

1.SHEIKE Smoke screen dress.

2. SHEIKE Pheobe dress.

3. RODEO SHOW Utopia dress. (P.S. the belt shown here is a separate item, expensive, and I want it)

4. LAVISH ALICE Baroque gold crop dress.

5. CUE Passionflower crepe cutaway dress.

6. AQ|AQ Maverick dress.

Also in love with this clutch for the occasion (so minimal! so feminine! so potentially tacky in real life!) and this jacket for life in general:

My current plan is to bite the bullet and get the Utopia dress, because I have a big fat weakness for florals, but it’s subdued enough that I’ll get a few years’ use out of it. Thoughts?


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