So I’ve been a bit on the spend side lately. Nothing major; just a $20 notebook here, a $40 skirt there, a big hit of uni supplies that I “needed”… and suddenly my bank balance is like woah. And the worst part is that the more I buy, the more pretty stuff I see and want. So maybe it would help if I got all the stuff I still want off my chest.



I saw it in Dangerfield while buying a lot of other (more useful) stuff. My mum said my phone wouldn’t fit inside, which is the kiss of death for any bag. Money folds and keys are tiny, and you can always squish in a tissue if you’re a perpetual sniffler like me, but my phone is non-negotiable. I didn’t get to test the theory though, and part of me thinks Mum was just trying to restrain me. Which is quite likely, actually, because I need that. Anyway. Isn’t it adorable? Adorbs, even?

heart bag


I have a guitar and I have songs and I really need to be able to put them together. Once the time and money and motivation all align. It’ll happen.



I know it’s not official and I’m not even sorry. It’s like $17 from an online store with free shipping, which makes it practically free. I am aware that logic means that it takes only five “practically free” things to make up a hundred dollars. Hence my not buying it. (Yet.) (No, EVER.) (Help.)



Winter is coming, so now there’s an excuse to buy candles! Excuses are dangerous. I already have like twenty candles. One for every flat surface I have jurisdiction over. But this one is a limited edition!


Not good.

This is a shorter-term issue, but right now I’m in my favourite spot on campus, a café that sells nice mini slider burgers and has awesome cushy leather seats, and there’s this damn plate of macarons right next to where you order, and they’re stupidly overpriced but my resolve is weakening. I can feel it.



They’re my favourite flower, and the little stall at the train station sells them for $10 a bunch, and they last for ages, and having flowers around makes winter so much less revolting.


On the other hand, here are some reasons why none of the above are happening any time soon:

1. Many of them are manufactured in China or other countries with poor working conditions for factory workers and no minimum wage.

2. I already have a version of pretty much every single thing on this list. That bag = various other (admittedly non-heart-shaped) bags. Guitar lessons = piano lessons. That shirt = lots of other shirts.

3. I’m going to MELBOURNE in a few weeks! For the uninitiated, Melbourne is the indie / adorable / shopping capital of Australia. It’s like Etsy but in real life. An H&M also just opened there, so I should be able to get all my clothing hunger out of my system there. And it’s going to be so so so fun. Just you wait for the photos.

I’ll probably see you guys again either after that or pretty soon, depending on my commitment to the impending studying / exams situation.





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