creme de corps 1

creme de corps 1.5 creme de corps 2 flower press 1 flower press 2 henkell trocken 1 henkell trocken 2 new book 1 new book 2 peach1 peach2 petalbox1 petalbox2 twine 1 twine 2


sewing tin 1 sewing tin 2

1. Kiehl’s whipped soy milk and honey crème de corps, which smells edible, and the kikki.K 2013 watercolour diary.

2. My flower press. As yet I don’t know what I’ll do with these!

3. Bubbly.

4. The First Page of the Book. Always the best.

5. A summer peach.

6. A collection.

7. kikki.K twine.

8. fabric remnants, final destination as yet undecided.


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